Why Biometric Time and Attendance?

Controls labour costs by requiring staff to register in and out of workplaces, accurately recording hours worked on duty.

Eliminates fraud by accurately identifying staff, preventing “buddy claiming” and unauthorised people impersonating staff members.

Eliminates manual entry mistakes by automating data saving costs from mis-claiming, incorrect overtime calculations and late timesheet submissions.

Eliminates card and token costs caused by loss through staff losing tokens or failure to recover on termination.


It also provides a powerful, web-based portal for information analysis and data reporting which includes data export capabilities.



As attendance rates improve, productivity and efficiency improve in line. Time and Attendance systems also identify 'lost' hours; work that is paid out to employees but never completed. The case study below demonstrates the savings that one customer experienced from the accurate reporting of hours worked and attendance of staff. Payroll savings in the order of 2-3% are common.

Potential Savings