User Friendly & Flexible

The focus of developing Fastvein Time and Attendance was to ensure that it seamlessly fitted in to busy executives lives, could be easily managed from almost anywhere, and would provide relevant intuitive information on a customisable dashboard.

The software layout and fluidity speaks volumes. One of the largest concerns when taking on a new system or piece of technology is adapting to it and maintaining its upkeep. We have tailored the software to ensure ease of use, adaptability to  user and working habits, and to make certain that Fastvein™ Time and Attendance does not intrude on day to day life.

The software can swiftly be deployed on virtually any machine. The layout and navigation are intuitive and simple to use. There are an infinite number of configurations to suit your requirements; whether you need simply a single machine running the software for 25 employees, or you are trying to keep tab of a 500+ strong workforce requiring 5 interactive endpoints. Single time enrolment means even quicker deployment of the system, and from then on, you can monitor real-time reports from almost any internet enabled device.

  • Simple Interface
  • Real-time data
  • Intuitive layout & Menu
  • Flexible
  • Log in and monitor from any internet enabled device
  • Install on almost any machine*
  • Single-time enrolment
  • Infinite number of configurations
  • Multi-Site setup possible with linking
  • Customisable Display

Click any of the images above to see the interface.