Powerful Reporting

Catering for the meticulous, the detail in the reporting leaves few questioned unanswered. 

We spent some time with various companies listening to their Time and Attendance requirements. Some told us that they liked to keep an eye on certain individuals, others, that they wanted to boost overall punctuality and time keeping.

The mixed opinions and differing requirements led to what we have created; a suite of tools that leave very little information unavailable to a  discerning manager. A myriad of display options and sub-category reports on individuals, offices, teams and groups.

View clock-in statistics in real-time, examine overtime and under-time graphs, and in the event of an emergency, receive a real-time fire evacuation list ready for your muster points.

  • Real-time Reports
  • Individual & Group Schedules
  • Individual & Group Reports
  • Overtime Graphs
  • Under-time Graphs
  • Fire Evacuation lists
  • Dashboard
  • Pre-configured Schedules

Click any of the images above to see the interface.