Applications For Fastvein™ T&A

Increasingly, many businesses regard timekeeping and the accurate reporting of hours to be a critical factor in business control and performance. With the increase in use of cross-border labour, zero-hour contracts and a more temporary and flexible approach to staffing, it is an ever-increasing challenge to do this whilst not losing sight of other key management tasks. In some industries stringent project and contract cost management and health and safety requirements mean there is little headroom for cost overruns, whilst keeping staff correctly trained and performing on-track is a major focal point. Here are some of the sectors that we help:

Service Staff

Cleaning, Housekeeping, Waiting and Kitchen staff within the hotel, healthcare and leisure industries are typical examples of the markets within the Service sector that may have Zero-hour contracts and temporary staff where a Time & Attendance solution helps control costs.


Construction & Engineering

Factories producing goods from a production line and engineering workers typically work in shifts, and traditionally use Time and Attendance systems. Construction workers often have contracted labour time constraints and SLA's that must be met. Time & Attendance helps monitor this.

Call Centres

Call Centres and Telesales / Telemarketing staff are often paid based on the amount of time they spend on the phones. This means that managers are keen to boost productivity and ensure employees are reaching their full potential. A biometric T&A system ensures reporting is correct and cannot be forged.



Retail is booming, and it is another sector that relies heavily  on part-time staff who may well also be on zero-hours contracts. Supermarkets, clothing, Shoe shops, and jewelry outlets are all premises which can benefit from using systems to monitor their employees attendance.